The End Game-Chanyeol (Part 7)


The End Game-Chanyeol (Part 7)


Members: Chanyeol (Ft.Exo)

A/N: Omg I haven’t updated on this for a while.


“You heard me.”

You can feel your face turning hot as he asked you what you been wanting to hear for the past few months. You made an awkward smile and playfully punched him on his arm.

“Chanyeol, are you really serious?” you tried to laugh it off, “You do know what you just said right?”

“Yep!” he made a childish grin and gives you a huge hug, “Will you go to homecoming with me?”

You tried to release yourself from his grasp but it ultimately failed as he was a giant compared to your average stature.

“You DO know you have a girlfriend right?” you rolled your eyes and blew inside his ear. He cringed and you quickly scurried away before he gets a hold of your stature once more.


“Sorry Channie.” you stick out your tongue, “I was kind of suffocating.” you made a small laugh and sat closely beside him.

“Sorry for suffocating you.” you totally knew he wasn’t sorry but you nodded your head in response, “Sure Channie.”

He then turns his body towards you, “So, are you up for it?”

“Up for what?”

“My offer!”

You mentally slapped yourself for being in a daze for a second. You were kind of shocked to hear about Chanyeol’s offer. You honestly were afraid of accepting it, due to the fact he flaked out on you on the last offer you guys had together. You didn’t want to risk being humiliated once more, but you felt that he was being really sincere about his offer.

“I don’t know Channie… What about Yejin, wouldn’t she want to go with you?” you bit your lip.

“I’ll just say to Yejin that I wanted to spend time with the gang and she’ll understand.” he made a goofy grin, “That means you too!”

You couldn’t help but say “Aww”, especially at how adorable he is acting, “Okay. I’ll go with you, but you got to promise me that we are going together just as friends.”

“Yeah!” he made a small smile, although it was painful for him to hear you say the word ‘friends’. He wanted to hold you so close, but he couldn’t. You were already far away from his grasp.

“When’s homecoming anyway?” you probably sounded stupid for asking such an obvious question, but you honestly forgot.

“It’s tomorrow silly!” he made a wide grin whereas you gaped your mouth wide open, “TOMORROW?!”

“You didn’t remember the date? I thought you were actually counting the dates.” you were a bit flustered, “Shut it! I was too busy worrying about today…I forgot about the actual homecoming date.”

“Why are you so cute?” he made a soft smile that made your heart skip a beat, “I’m not cute.” you said in response.

“There you go again. Rejecting my compliments” this time he stuck his tongue out, “I can’t wait to go on a friendly date with you!”

“I can’t either.” you smiled and couldn’t wait for today to pass and for tomorrow to come. Even though he wasn’t together with you and that he was out of your grasp, you were happy. It was anguishing to see him with another girl, but you were okay with it. After all, he was your dear friend, and a man you could have probably fallen in love with.


It was judgment day, or at least for you. You haven’t felt these kinds of feelings in a long time. A combination of anxiety, nervousness, but also glee and happiness. You wanted to spend time with the gang and also with Chanyeol so you were honestly in your best mood. You also wanted to observe Luhan and Na-Lin together, as you were worried about the two individuals. Na-Lin is kind of a clutz and Luhan is… Luhan. Luhan was also a man you fell for so you trusted him and you also trusted Na-Lin.

“I wondered if Sehun ever asked Jang-Mi to the dance.” you started talking to yourself.

You were curling your hair as you were texting the one and only Sehun. He was also going to pick you up as you rejected Chanyeol’s offer for a ride. You didn’t want him to see you until the dance. You also didn’t have time to go shopping for a new dress so you wore the same dress that you wore for the first offer (date) Chanyeol made. You did your makeup, curled your hairs, put on your dress, and actually wore heels, even though you blatantly despised them.

“I’m almost there.” Sehun texted you.

“Alright :). I’ll be downstairs in a few.” you texted back.

You forgot that you were wearing a dress and not a pair of pants, so you ended dropping your phone on the floor as you were shoving into a space of air, “Crap. I forgot.” you quietly giggled to yourself and walked to your mother’s room to borrow a small white purse to match with your white dress.

“Why am I so excited for this dance?” you couldn’t stop smiling. You quickly walked back to your room and put your phone inside the purse. You walked downstairs and saw Sehun waiting for you outside of his car.

“Can you drive minors yet?” you playfully poked his sides and watched his squirm.

“No…But I’ll only drive you.” you smiled and gave him a small hug.

“Stop it.” you subtlety turns his head away, flustered.

“HAHA!” you couldn’t help but laugh at his adorablness, “Sehun why are you so cute?” you playfully punched his arm, “You got to stop punching guys” he rubbed the side of his arm, “It’s unlady-like” he made a small smirk.

“Shut it Sehunnie. Let’s go we’re going to be late!” you rushed inside his (father’s) car and he did the same. As soon as he started driving, you turned on the radio and blasted the music out loud.

“I’m going to be deaf before even going to the dance!” he screamed along with the loud music, “It’s okay! I’m going to be deaf too!!” you considered this to the pre-party dance, however it was mostly you singing obnoxiously along with the songs that were playing and Sehun telling you to shut up.

“DJ GOT US FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN!!” you happily shouted.

“CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT OFF YOUR AMERICAN MUSIC!?” he shouted along with you.

In the end the two of you just shouted loudly along the radio. About twenty minutes later Sehun reached the school and luckily found a parking space.

“It’s so hard finding a parking space at night.” he lays his head on the steering wheel.

“Driving must be hard huh?” you patted his back and he took a small glance at you from the corner of his eye.

“You’re really pretty.” your face automatically turned red from the sudden compliment, “Ahh….”

He smirked, “You don’t need to reply back to that.” he unbuckles his seatbelt, “Chanyeol is a lucky man tonight.” he winks at you and you laughed in response.

You went inside the school’s gym linking hands with Sehun, of course all of the girls stared at the two of you. He took you to the special table, the exo table.

“_____!!!!” Xiumin shouted and got up from his seat to give you a hug, “Minnie!” you laughed and returned it. Xiumin then quickly glared at Sehun, who just simply brushed it off and went to his seat.

“Hannie!” you yelled out as he got up from his seat to give you a hug, “You look amazing.” you simply brushed off the compliment and shook your head, “Still denying it?”

“I’m not denying it. I just don’t think I am.” you made a nervous laugh, “Where’s Na-Lin?”

“She’s not here yet.” you can easily tell that Luhan was nervous and you nudged him and gave him a small wink, “Treat her well.”

“I will.” he smiled, “Do you want to see Chanyeol?”

“I want to greet everyone first before I see him.” you went to the table and greeted everyone, Exo.

You individually said “Hi” to each of the members and they looked dazzling. Any girl would kill to be in your position right now. After all, these 12 boys were the most popular/good looking guys in the school. You didn’t treat them by a simple title though, these boys were your friends.

“Tao, did you dye your hair?” you snorted.

“Shut up. The hair salon lady accidentally dyed it bright red, even though I told her to dye it burgundy.” he sulked onto his chair and got comforted by Kris.

“It’s okay. You can always dye it back.” Kris isn’t the best with words but his feelings were always sincere.

“If you’re looking for Chanyeol, he’s near the stage.” Suho pointed it out.

“Thanks Suho-shi.” you smiled and bowed down, “Hey _____. I’ll go with you since I need to be up stage doing the music and announcements anyway.”

“You’re the DJ?” you eyed at Sehun.

“Sadly I was dragged to become part of the homecoming committee and I’m in charge of music and announcements. Xiumin and Chen are in charge of lights.”

“That’s why I didn’t see the two.” you looked around, “Xiumin literally hugged me and ran to his position right after.” Sehun nodded.

The two of you walked across the dance floor, the whole school population was literally dancing like there was no tomorrow.

“Why is Chanyeol near the stage anyway?”

“I told him to keep an eye out while I was picking you up.” you nodded, “That makes sense.”

Your stomach got a bit queasy but you ignored it. You were so nervous, yet happy, you didn’t know how to feel.

“I got to keep it cool.” you mentally took a note.

You finally saw Chanyeol keeping an eye out at the stage. He was handsome. His stature and ears stood out the most to you. He never came to like his ears, but you did. It always reminded you of an elf from those videogames you played or from lord of the rings.

“Chanyeol!” he turned around and saw you standing beside next to Sehun, “Sehun. _____.”

“You can hang with _____ now. I’m going to be doing announcements soon.” he gave out a large sigh and smiled at you, “I hope you have fun.”

You laughed and ruffled his hair, “Have fun being the DJ.”

He rolled his eyes and went up on stage. You went beside Chanyeol and linked his arms with yours, “Let’s go sit down with the others.” you suggested.

“Nah. Let’s DANCE!” he forcefully lets go of your arm and drags you to the dance floor.

You laughed, “Oh my gosh Channie!!”

He takes your hands and swings them around like in the movies. It wasn’t exactly slow dancing, but swing instead. The two of you dance together like there was no tomorrow. You tuned out the music Sehun was playing and focused on Chanyeol as he did with you. The two of you were like in an unbreakable bubble. No one can disturb your presence.

Of course there was that one guy, “You guys I have an important announcement to make!” that guy was Sehun.

He stopped the music and turned on the microphone, “In about half an hour I will announce who’s going to be crowned King and Queen of homecoming. The committee will be judging a couple who is the loveliest in this room; in fact, there are actually ‘spies’ on the dance floor right now to judge you guys.”

You heard the crowd go crazy. It was basically a popularity contest to see who wins a “title”, but you didn’t really care about having a title. However, you are kind of happy that the committee will be judging, and not the student population.

“I hope Luhan and Na-Lin win.” you tugged on Chanyeol’s arm, “I agree.” half the time you’ve been staring at those two. They have seriously been getting it on. Even though Sehun has stopped the music, the two of them are still dancing. They aren’t even dancing, they were slow dancing.

“Do you think they’re going to kiss?” you fangirled to see your two best friends getting it on.

“Maybe.” Chanyeol laughed along with you.

“I’m going to put some slow dance music on now!” Sehun changed the music to a calmer tone.

Chanyeol looks at your and bows down, “May I have this dance milady?” you giggled.

“I’d thought you never asked.” you placed your hand on his and he brought you closer.

The two of your slowdanced as the music played. You eventually laid your head on his chest and danced quietly with him. It felt like you two have been dancing forever. You never wanted this moment to end.



“Have you ever thought about us? About me?” you looked up and saw his face. He was staring deeply into your eyes and you did with his.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not so sure anymore.” he looks away for a bit and looks at you again, “I actually thought about you a lot.”

You made a small laugh, “I think about you too.” you weren’t sure what to say. You were too nervous, and your heart was beating rapidly.

He made a soft smile, “I’m being serious. I actually…” there was a long silence, but the two of you kept dancing. He didn’t look at your visage but instead at the wooden floors.

“Chanyeol…” you took your fingers and brought his chin back up, “I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Damn. This is so confusing.” he made a small laugh, “Sorry for bringing it up.”

“No! Don’t be sorry.” you stared deeply into his eyes, “I-I actually thought a lot about you too.” you turned your head away.

“Really?” this time he grabs your chin to face him.

“I-I….I don’t know to explain this..” you felt your face getting hot.

“Explain what…?” Chanyeol’s face began to get closer to yours. His lips were only a few centimeters away from yours and you slowly brought your lips closer to his.

“Chanyeol… I l-”

The music then stopped, “You guys have danced long enough! It is now time to announce homecoming King and Queen!!”

“God damn Sehun.” you mentally cussed. You slowly pushed yourself away from Chanyeol and took a deep breath, “Oh my gosh. What was I going to say to Chanyeol?” you cupped your own face and felt it getting hotter. You took a small glance at Chanyeol who was covering his mouth.

“Chanyeol seems a bit flustered too.” you thought to yourself.

“Drum rolls please!!” Sehun pointed at one of his friends to do a drum roll.

You heard the whispers of the crowd.

“Who do you think it is going to be?”

“I have no idea there are spies among us.”

“Do you think it’s going to be one of the Exo members?”

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Our winners are…” Sehun carefully rips off the seal of the envelope and unfolds the piece of paper.

He makes a small smirk, “PARK CHANYEOL AND _______!!!!!”

“Huh?” the two of you said in unison and looked at each other dumbfounded.

Half of the crowd screamed while the half cried in anguish. They were of course the fangirls.

The crowd who supported the two of you began pushing you guys up the stairs, “I thought Luhan and Na-Lin were going to win!” you screamed to drown out the loud cheers.

“I thought so too!!” Chanyeol screamed along with you.

As soon as the two of you knew it, you guys were up on stage with the lights shining.

“I’m going to beat up Xiumin and Chen after this.” you gritted your teeth, “The light is literally blinding me.”

“I”m going to beat Sehun for that smirk. He knew this was going to happen.” Chanyeol gives Sehun the death-glare which he ignored.

“Congratulations Chanyeol and ______! You two are now our homecoming King and Queen!” he calls his friend over and places a crown on you and Chanyeol.

You honestly didn’t know how to feel. You felt uneasy about the whole idea of being Queen of homecoming. You looked around the sea of people to see if Luhan and Na-Lin were there and you spot a familiar face.

“Yejin…” you mumbled.

You felt a wave of guilt and shame to yourself. You didn’t deserve this position and Chanyeol wasn’t obviously single. He was with Yejin, end of story. You bit your lip and walked down from the stage and the crowd moved back to give you some space. The light was also following you too, much to your demise. You finally reached Yejin, who gave a nervous smile. You slowly took your crown and placed it on Yejin’s head.

“You deserve this.” you gave it your all to crack a smile. The crowd was silent and you were afraid to looked behind to see everyone’s faces, even Chanyeol’s.

“Alright! Umm… Let’s continue!” Sehun awkwardly turned back the loud partying music and everyone began to dance wild once more. You quickly scurried away from the crowd and ran outside of the gym

You took a deep breath, wondering what you would be doing with Chanyeol right now if you stayed as Queen, but you didn’t. You didn’t deserve the position.

“How funny. Even though I did such a noble task, why do I feel so awful.” you went behind the nearest tree and sat down and buried your face on your knees.

You then heard a small rustle and peaked your head slowly, “Hey.”

“Hi.” you made a weak smile to Sehun.

“You were expecting Chanyeol huh?” he sat down next to you.

“Mhm…” you mumbled, “What is he doing now?”

“He’s dancing with Yejin right now.”

“Ahh I see…” your voice began to crack.

Sehun places his hand on your shoulder, “Why did you do that? I know that you have feelings for Chanyeol.”

“I guess so..” you couldn’t keep holding your feelings for any longer. You began to slowly tear up and eventually let small droplets of your tears run down on your face.

“ACK! _____, you’re crying!!” Sehun panicked.

“Nooo really?” you said in a sarcastic tone and began wiping your tears, “It’s not fair. I was too late to tell him that I wanted to be his friend and that I wanted to be close to him and hold him like friends. I hoped that friendship would blossom into love and then I can stay by his side and be with him for a long time.” you sobbed wildly.

“____…” he gave you a hug, “Everything will be okay…”

“How so?”

“Because… You are _____ and that means you are strong and you will always find a way!” he gave you the most sincere smile a friend can ever give to you.

“Sehun, you’re a good friend.”

“I know.” he made a cocky smile, “By the way, you look terrible when you cry.”

You snapped and punched his arm, “YAH!!!” he shouted at you.

“That’s what you get!” you got up the tree and started to run away from Sehun.

The only place you could think of is back at the dance, “I can easily lose Sehun at the dance.”

As you were about to open the door, you bumped into someone.

“Oh crap. I’m sorry mi-” you saw Chanyeol.

“Uhh…Hi” he sheepishly said.

You felt you eyes to watering, but you held it in, “There’s no need to be a baby now _____.” you mentally told yourself.

“I!” you both said in unison.

“Ehe.” he nervously laughed, “You go first.”

“I hope you had a nice night Channie.” you made a small smile, “I know I did.”

“_____, I-”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything.” you kept your calm, “I need to go inside to get my purse so Sehun can take me home.” you tried to find an excuse to avoid him for the night.

Chanyeol quickly grabs your arm, “Don’t go…”

You turned around and saw his eyes. His deep brown orbs had always drawn you in more than anything else. You shook your head and pulled your arm away from his grasp.

“______, I love you.” you heard those exact words before the gym door had closed.

“I guess the end of the game has come.”


It was the next day and you were still shaken by the confession Chanyeol has given to you last night. You weren’t sure if he was telling the truth or if you were hallucinating. To calm yourself, you decided to go take a small walk around your neighborhood. The streets were busy during the late mornings, as you see children playing around and the elderly shopping for groceries. Due to the smell, you decided to enter this one bakery you’ve always went to when you were younger.

“Welcome!” you heard a familiar voice.

“No way…” you saw Luhan and Lay working in front of the counter.

“HEYY!!! It’s _____!!” Luhan shouted from the counter.

“What are you doing here?” Lay cutely tilted his head.

“I just wanted to get some bread. I didn’t even know the two of you worked here.”

“We just started a week ago.” Luhan came up to hug you while Lay stayed behind the counter.

“You guys are seriously just literally five minutes away from my house.” you stated, “Really?!” Luhan lets go of you.

You nodded your head, “You guys are free to come anytime you want. Of course a token of free bread would be nice.”

“No problem!!” Luhan gleefully shouted, “Luhan, are you sure we can sneak bread?” Lay gives Luhan his typical worried look.

“You need to stop worrying Yixing and smell the fresh flowers.”

“You need to start caring more about your job.” Lay rolls his eyes and went out to the back.

You and Luhan laughed until you heard the front door bell rang.

“Welcome!” Luhan bows down.

You turned around and saw a beautiful woman. She was about your height and looked a bit familiar.

“No way…” you saw Luhan gaped his mouth wide open.

“What’s wrong Luhan?” you asked him.

“YIXING! Come out here!” Lay rushed out from the back and had the same reaction as Luhan.


“It’s nice to see you again.” she looks at Lay and Luhan.

“Who is she Luhan?” you whispered into his ear.

The woman then looked at you and shot a charming smile.

“Wow..She’s so beautiful..” you thought to yourself.

“She’s Chanyeol’s older sister…” Luhan mumbled.

“What?” your eyes widened.

“She is Chanyeol’s missing older sister.”

DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!! I finally updated this after a few months ;-;. I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy with homework and everything and for the past two months I’ve literally been testing. It’s not fair if I don’t update this. I have finals this week and I won’t be updating much until this weekend. Thanks for waiting patiently! ^^ I love you all!!!

Time for a cliffhanger ending yeah? ;D Just so you know in an earlier part Chanyeol talked about how his sister moved out from home and he’s been trying to find her all this time, etc. Also when Luhan and Lay were working in the bakery it was referring to my other scenario I did (fyi it’s called Bakery-Sehun :D)

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