Five Roses-Kris


Five Roses-Kris

Genre:Fluff (maybe angst?)

Member:Kris (Ft. Lay and Luhan)

A/N: This is a bit late on a Valentine story, but I decided to write this anyway! :D This is based on a true story so when you guys are done reading this scenario I would love for you guys to read the Author’s note at the end :). Please? As a request from me. Other than that, please enjoy the story.

He was your first guy friend, your best friend, your first love. Wu fan, also known as “Kris”, is known throughout the school as a prince. He was a smooth talker and a man who was also capable of being ranked #1 in academics among the student population. Sometimes there would be students who would temporarily outrank Kris, such as Luhan and Kim Junmyun, but staying in that spot never lasted long. Of course you never really cared about the students who would outrank him, as you only put your attention towards Kris.

You weren’t sure where you stood in your relationship with Kris. Since the end of 8th grade, everything started going downhill.

You met Kris when you were in 6th grade because of a project you two were forced to be together in. The two of you began to get close with one another and eventually became the best of friends. You and Kris would call each other every day and hung out every other Saturday for movie dates. It was amazing.

Eight grade came and you couldn’t help but feel strange. You now blush at the sight of Kris’s face and at the small skin contact he would do to you.

Do I…” you seriously asked yourself if you were in love with your best friend, you shook your head at the thought of it.

You hid your feelings from him.

A month before graduation approaches. You quickly rushed out from your class to meet up with Kris.

Meet me outside of school as soon as the bell rings” you clutched the small note and ran like the wind.

You ran and pushed the front doors of the school like a madwoman and saw Kris peacefully waiting for you at the steps.

You huffed, “Hi” you tried to catch your breath, “What’s up?”

He didn’t respond so you came closer to him, “Wu Fan?”

____” he stuttered.

Yes?” you gave out a small chuckle.

I like you.”

Your mouth and eyes gaped wide open, “What?”

He quickly turned his head away, you can see the cute fluster face he made, “I really like you _____” he covered his mouth out of embarrassment after confessing to you.

You laughed and poked his chest, “I like you too silly.”

You do?” he raises and eyebrow and quirked a small smile, “Yes” you responded back to him.

You then grab his hand and quickly walked to the vending machines, not wanting to be disturbed by the students.

So What now?” he asks while you were getting a drink for yourself form the vending machine, “Where does our relationship stand?”

You took a sip of your drink and sat next to him, “I’m not sure. Honestly, I’m kind of scared.”

You’re not the only one” the two of you laughed.

Do you want a relationship?” you took another sip, anxiously waiting for an answer.

Do you?” he bit his lip as he nervously asked.

Honestly… I like where our relationship is now” you gave a small smile and poked his arm.

Same” he gave out a small chuckle and ruffles your hair.


Hm?” Kris tilts his head, waiting for the continuation of your sentence.

We can try something out!” you happily suggested.


We can try and be like a ‘couple’ for a week and see how it goes. If it doesn’t go well, we can just go back to being best friends!” you gave a cheeky grin.

That’s a great idea” he gave a sincere smile and playfully ruffles your hair once again.

The two of you didn’t revert back to being best friends, or friends for that matter. The “relationship” turned out to be awkward and stiff and by the end of the week, Kris broke if off and you mutually agreed to it. He then grew distant and eventually stops talking to you.

Within a blink of an eye, it was a week before and to celebrate the teachers organized a night where all the graduating students would attend an amusement park event at night. You sat with your group of friends as Kris sat with his during the bus ride there. You would occasionally take small glances at Kris; you missed his presence.

The first few hours were amazing, You would go on the tallest rides and scream your head off with your friends. You guys also played some games from the booths, and you won it all. You are currently eating at a burger place with your friends, enjoying the night the teachers had organized for the students. It soon got awkward when Kris’s group clashes with yours. Of course out of courtesy, you invited them to eat with you and your friends and they did. As you got up to throw your trash away, Kris got up too.

Awkward…” you thought to yourself.

You continued to walk to the trashcan as Kris follows you. You then noticed a small bear he was holding.

Cute bear.”

He looks at you and quietly replies, “Thanks”, he then bit his lip, “Who is it for?” you gave him a smile.

He blushes and turns away, “For someone I like.”

You couldn’t believe you ears. After two weeks of not even speaking a word to you, he got you a gift, and a sweet one too.

You gave him a small smile, trying to play along, “When are you going to give it to her?”

When the night is over” he tries to hide his flustered face.

You gave a cheeky grin, “Be sure to smile sincerely when you give it to her.”

The night came to an end as the students were waiting for the buses to come pick them up. You anxiously waited for Kris with your friends.

_____, are you okay? You don’t seem tired at all” you friend yawned.

I should be asking you that question” you poked her arm, “Ow.”

You soon saw Kris coming toward the buses with his friends and also the bear you saw. You couldn’t help but smile at the sight of his face. You felt all those feelings rushing back up to you when you two would hang out every day. All those precious memories you had with Kris,no, Wu Fan, ever since the day you two first met. You decided to tell Kris you wanted to be in a relationship with him after he gives you the bear.

Wu Fa-” before you can call out his name he quickly rushes to your friend.

He blushes and hands her the bear, “For you.”

You were shocked as Kris gave the bear to your friend. All those sweet memories and the relationship you wanted with him shattered instantly.

What is this for?” your friend raises an eyebrow.

A confession…Please go out with me” you couldn’t believe your eyes and ears. You felt a sharp pain on your chest as you spouted out the very own words you wanted to say to him.

I’ll think about it” your friend went inside the bus as it came long before Kris confessed to your friend.

Before you went inside the bus, “She’s the one you like?”

Yeah” you turned around and went inside, holding back your tears.

It was now the day of graduation as everyone came to get their diplomas. You never got to rekindle your relationship with Kris, much less than even being acquaintances. You looked at your school one last time before saying goodbye, “Thanks for the nice memories.”

As you were about to leave the school for good, you saw Kris standing next to a friend. The two of you made eye contact and quickly turned away.

I got to at least say farewell” you mentally slapped yourself.


Goodbye ____” he took once last look at you and disappears into the crowd.


Surprisingly, the two of you went to the same highschool, but it wasn’t as you expected, Kris totally ignored you and gave you the cold shoulder. He would always smile and laugh with others, but to you he would give you the cold stare and leave so he doesn’t feel your presence. It drove you to become depress and upset about the way your former best friend had been treating you.

During freshmen year of highschool you met a weird student by the name of Yoo-Geun. She didn’t really liked her name so she preferred to be called “Geun”. She was a weird fellow, but soon became really close friends with you. She listened, made you laugh, and most importantly made you smile. You eventually vented to her how the famous Wu “Kris” Fan was your former best friend and your first love.

Just as you were about to lose hope, your friend would always say, “Don’t give up, things will get better.”

Of course your friend was a strange fellow and she was right, things did get better. On one random day in 10th grade, Kris texted you.

I’m sorry for all the pain I have caused to you. Meet me at the library.”

You were surprised that he still had your number, after all he didn’t commnicate with you for a year and a half.

You met up with him at the library and he apologized for being an asshole and how he was being mean to you. He explained how that one of his friends was obsessed with you and talked about you like you were his soulmate. Kris got fed up and punched his friend out of impulse. His friend made a deal with him that he would stop obsessing over you if Kris wasn’t with you anymore, thus he gave the bear to your friend to shatter your heart. He realized his mistake and misses your prescence and gave you the cold shoulder because he was afraid to face you. He begged for your forgiveness. You were still pretty upset about how he used your feelings during grade night and how he treated you during freshmen year, but you decided to semi-forgive him.

The two of you rekindled your relationship after that and slowly gain back the shattered pieces. He would occasionally ignore you due to his busy schedule. He would also talk to you about his crushes he had every two months, which made you jealous, but being his best friend you supported him no matter what. Even you had several crushes during that time.

You were now in your 11th grade year in highschool. The two of you began calling each other everyday once again and at least once a month you two would go on a movie date. You began to feel the nostalgic feelings you had for him back in middle school. Unfortunately, you started to like Kris again. However, what’s holding you back was grad night.

It was a week before Valentine’s day and Kris couldn’t stop talking.

“_____” he whined.

“What?” you got so comfortable with Kris that you would sometimes give him an indifferent reply and would occasionally argue daily with him.

“What should I do?” he slumped on his chair, “It’s almost Valentine’s day.”


He got up from his chair, “Don’t ‘And’ me! This is important” he gave a loud sigh, “Can you help me?”

“With what?”

“Well…” he blushed, :There’s this amazing girl I really like and I wanted to give her something.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Really? Who’s the girl you’re infatuated with now” you gave a sarcastic remark.

“Yah! Don’t be like that!” he flicks your forehead.

“Ow!” you rubbed your forehead.

He then explains the gifts he was planning to give to his crush. He was planning to give her a dozen balloons, a cupcake, and a bear with a watch inside (for some odd reason). You grew a bit jealous of this girl Kris liked but brushed it off. You were hoping someday Kris would do something “romantic” as this to you one day but you eventually lost hope.

During the week Kris kept asking you questions about his Valentine’s day gift to this girl.

“Hey ____, should I give her four or five roses?”

“Why do you need to give her so much? Why not just once rose? It’s sweeter” you began to sound irritated.

“WHAT SHOULD I DO?!” he grabbed your shoulders and began to look desperate.

You gave out a loud sigh, “Just remember four means death in Chinese.”

“Oh yeah…” he lets go of your shoulders, “I forgot” he gave a sheepish smile.

It was now Valentine’s day and it was hectic. Everyone had at least one balloon or rose from the grams they had received from a lover or a friend. You also saw Geun with a rose in her hand.

“The atmosphere is so nice…” you thought to yourself.

You went to class and saw Kris, “Here” he gave you a balloon.

“Thanks, I guess” you stared at the red heart shaped balloon and sat down on your seat.

Luhan came up and gave a cheeky grin, “Did you give her the bear yet?”

“Shut up Luhan!” Kris shoves Luhan out of the classroom.

“Bear?” Why does that sound familiar?” you thought.

Soon you saw Kris coming inside the classroom with a dozen balloons, a cupcake, and five roses. He hands them to you and smiles.

“This is all for you” he gave a sincere smile.

Your eyes widened, “Kris…This is…” you couldn’t finish your sentence as your classmates were cheering. Another guy came into the classroom by the name of Zhang “Lay” Yixing.

“Kris” he hands Kris what it seems to be a bear in a clear box, holding a watch on its hand.

You began to tear up as you saw the bear. The girl he had been talking about all week was you all along.

He then gets a letter out from his pocket and begins to recite a monologue, “_____… It’s really awkward right now to stand up here in front of the whole class. Everyone is cheering for us on this day. I just want to say Thank You. Thank you so much for being such an amazing friend to me these past few years. You have always been there for me and this time it’s my turn to be there for you. I’ve been such a jerk to you during freshmen year and I want to repay back those years when you believed in me. I even remembered to give you five roses instead of four. The watch inside the bear is really significant, it’s set to 11:11 pm” Kris then hands you the bear and continues, “11:11 is a superstition that if you wished on that time everyday, our wishes will come true, as the two of us believed in the 8th grade. Will you be my Valentine _____? That is my wish.”

You began to cry and gave a huge smile to Kris as he did with you. You finally were able to forgive him fully after all the stuff he has done to you when he gave the speech. You wanted to run up and give a huge hug to him, but you were already carrying so much stuff. Lay offers you a hand and you gave him all the stuff you were carrying except the bear. You opened case and took the watch from the bear’s hand and puts it around your wrist.

“So ____, will you be my Valentine?” Kris looks at you straight in the eye and blushes.

You ran up and tackled him down, “Yes!” and gave the best hug you can give.


Later during the day you began webcamming with Geun to tell her about your day.

“I already knew he was going to do that” you slammed onto your desk as Geun said that.

“What?!” And you didn’t tell me?!”

“It was more fun this way. You should have seen the look on his face, he was literally freaking out” your friend began to laugh hysterically, “I never lost hope in you two.”

“Thanks for believing in us Geun” you smiled, Geun was the only friend you can comfortably talk to without being judged. You then heard your phone go off.

“Oh my gosh, Wu Fan is calling me!”

“Pick up the phone silly! Tell me what happens after” your friend winked at you.

You picked up the phone, “Hello?”

“Hello my dear Valentine.”

You laughed, “Hello boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend? I like the sound of that.”


A/N: Omg I wanted to cry while writing this. This was all the honest truth. Literally on Valentine’s day at my school there was balloons,candies,roses, and bears everywhere I swear. Everyone was so festive, I really love LA. It’s just a thing we do at my school, heck even I got an anonymous rose. This story was based off of one of my close friends from school and she received all those exact gifts from the scenario as her gift from her best guy friend and he was her first love and vice verse. Everything that happened was 90% true, the only parts was that they didn’t meet through a project (they met in orchestra class), and part of grad night (the guy who was “obsessing” over my friend told the guy my friend didn’t like Korean guys and heartbroken he ended up giving the bear to her friend. I didn’t want to add that part because it might sound racist), and also they didn’t officially become a “couple” yet, even though they act like it already and it’s insanely cute. Did you know Yoo-Geun is based off of me? :) Yes I decided to include myself because my friend told me I was the only person she can comfortably talk with about the guy without being judged (she can’t even talk to her best friend like she does with me ;A;), she said that I’m naturally easy to talk to and that I am a bit weird but that’s my charm (at least that’s what she said). Just for an extra info my friend is Chinese and the guy she liked is Korean, I wanted to do a Kris one because I asked my younger sister who was the guy (he’s cool friends with me too, hence why he told me and thanked me for not telling my friend about the gifts he was going to give her) most like from Exo and she said Kris. Thanks for reading my long author’s note! I really appreciate it when you guys read my A/N.

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